Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feminist mum reflections and dilemmas...!

1. Is it inevitable that maternity leave transforms you from a competent professional into an inept 50s housewife? Complete with scuzzy house and children who refuse to eat or sleep...or is that just me?

2. How much pink is too much pink? Does it matter??

3. Am I letting down myself/my education/the sisterhood/the feminist movement as a whole if I choose to spend more time with my kids than pursuing my career? Or if I apply for that job, am I abandoning my kids at the age when they need me the most?

4. If good parenting is not about gender, why do I always act like I know best?

5. What do we do with that Barbie my daughter got for Christmas, now hiding in the shed? Is it Satan's plaything? The objectification of women in plastic, blonde bombshell form? Or is it just one of the many not very realistic dolls out there..!?

6. Is it anti-feminist to ever be financially dependent on a man, even if you have done or would do the same for him?

7. Should the kids take my name, his name or go double-barrel? Isn't it all patriarchy anyway?

8. How do I resist society's pressures to get myself back into pre-baby shape (nigh on impossible!) while simultaneously resisting a thousand biscuits?

9. Why do I reinforce the view that caring for young children is an opt-out from the real world by being jealous of my high-flying friends?

10. Is it bad to turn up Woman's Hour when the kids are screaming so I actually have a clue what is going on in the world and affecting women right now?

PS While writing this, my son has eaten a Remembrance poppy and my daughter has covered her face in black marker pen and Blistex...great!

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