Sunday, 1 June 2014

The perfect poem for when your friends go out for drinks/are having a romantic weekend in Paris/climbing Mt Everest and you're home with the kids again...

My prenatal yoga teacher read this out to us in a class one week and I still love it!

There Will Be Time

There is time still
for sitting in cafes
in Paris
sipping wine.

Time still
for going to meet
the guru.

There is time still.

Now I am caring for eternity.
Carrying bodies soft with sleep
to beds of flowered quilts and pillows.

Answering cries deep out of nighttime fears.
Buckling shoes.
Opening doors.

My soul now is dwelling in the house of tomorrow.
Tomorrow there will be time for long leisurely conversations,
for poems to write,
and dances to perform.

Time still.

So I surrender now to them and this,
knowing it is they
who will teach me
how to do it all.

Peggy O'Mara (Spring 1978)

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