Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Save the children #firstday campaign

2.9 million babies a year never reach their second month of life.


Save the Children's new campaign, launching today, is 

Ending Newborn Deaths

The problem:

For a mum or dad, the first day of a child’s life should be a time of excitement, wonder and hope. A day they will remember forever. But childbirth is often complicated and a newborn child is frighteningly vulnerable.

Every year 2.9 million babies die in their first month. Maybe their tiny airways get blocked, the delivery is obstructed or they are exposed to infections or hypothermia.

Newborn deaths now account for nearly half of all under-five deaths.

The death of one baby is a tragedy. The death of 2.9 million a year is an outrage. And most of these deaths are preventable, with the help of a trained and equipped midwife along with basic medicines such as antiseptics and antibiotics, vital equipment and a clean environment to work in.

These are not difficult things to provide: all it takes is political will from governments around the world to provide the funds to train up and equip midwives.

The world has made amazing progress in saving children’s lives over the past two decades. Thanks to global action on vaccines, family planning and treatment of childhood illness, the number of children who die each year has dropped from 12.6 million in 1990 to 6.6 million in 2012. Save the Children’s social media campaigners have helped us drive so much of this change.

But that isn’t enough – not while 2.9 million babies a year never reach their second month of life. Lack of political focus on newborn deaths is blocking us from being the generation to stop all preventable child deaths.

2014 gives us a unique opportunity to make change happen: For the first time ever, countries and institutions around the world will sit down to agree the Every Newborn Action Plan. We need to make sure world leader’s take action on this and know the world is calling for them to do so.

What we want to achieve:

Save the lives of 2 million newborn babies a year
Ensure that every baby is born with the support of a trained and equipped midwife


How can people help?

If you’ve got one minute:
Sign our petition to ask David Cameron to put a global plan into action in 2014 that will ensure every baby is born with the life-saving help of a trained and equipped midwife and use his influence to get world leaders to do the same.
Text a donation: a donation of £3, the price of a cup of coffee, could save 10 newborn lives by buying 10 tubes of antiseptic cream. Text COFFEE to 70090

Save the Children are asking bloggers the question ‘What did your midwife do that made sure your baby had a second day?’

As mentioned in my previous post, things in the UK aren't perfect but we are extremely lucky to have essential equipment and trained professionals available for free in our time of need. This is what my midwife did for me and my son:

My midwife delivered my son safely and helped me to breastfeed him. She checked that the placenta was intact and that my blood loss was only moderate. She used aseptic technique to prevent infection while stitching up my second degree tear and gave me medicine to help with the pain. She weighed my baby and carried out health screening. She wrapped him warmly and then let us be on our own as a family. She came and said goodbye and good luck at the end of her shift. My midwife ensured that my son lived beyond his #firstday.



  1. Thank you so much for posting about the campaign and for helping to spread the word. You're absolutely right, things aren't perfect but we do have trained, experienced midwives doing simple life saving things and all women and their babies should have access to that. xxx