Empowering reads

  • Beall, Jade (2014) The Bodies of Mothers
  • Evans, Kate (2008) The food of love; your formula for successful breastfeeding
  • Millar, Fiona (2009) The Secret World of the Working Mother; Juggling work, kids and sanity
  • Moran, Caitlin (2012) How to Be a Woman
  • Stadlen, Naomi (2005) What Mothers Do; especially when it looks like nothing
  • Woolf, Virginia (1929) A Room of One's Own

Gentle books on feminism

  • Appignanesi, Orbach & Holmes (2013) Fifty Shades of Feminism
  • Walters, Margaret (2005) Feminism: A Very Short Introduction
  • Gay, Roxane (2014) Bad Feminist 
  • Segal, Lynne (2007) Making Trouble: Life and Politics
  • Betty Friedan (1963) The Feminine Mystique 

Kids' books that challenge traditional stereotypes - most of these were read to my sister and I as children!

  • Attic Press (1985) Rapunzel's Revenge: Fairy Tales for Feminists
  • Cole, Babette (1996) Princess Smartypants
  • Cole, Babette (1997) Prince Cinders
  • Coles, Diana (1983) Clever Princess
  • Donaldson, Julia (2011) Zog
  • Lurie, Alison (2005) Clever Gretchen and other Forgotten Folktales
  • Munsch, Robert (2009) The Paperbag Princess
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Lovely poems about parenting

  • Butcher, Beverley, Before you came
  • O'Mara, Peggy, There is time still
  • Triplett, Jane, My baby boy and Me

Humorous picture books intended for adults/kids about the realities of life!

  • Edwards, K (2011) OMG That's not my child! Prion Books
  • Mansbach, A & R Cortes (2011) Go the f**k to sleep, Canongate Books
  • Patterson, R (2012) My Big Shouting Day, Jonathan Cape