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I love hearing the views of other women, be they mothers giving us the low-down on what life is really like for them here or abroad or women who offer us specific expertise. Here are some collaborations that have featured on Feminist Mum.

Birth Week

In November 2014, I ran BIRTH WEEK examining the realities of birth in the UK and how women can empower themselves to have a positive experience. I was very lucky to have a range of expert contributors from midwifery, medicine, doulary and, of course, mums themselves.

Introducing BIRTH WEEK

Careers Week

In July 2014, I ran CAREERS WEEK with four excellent contributors including Karen Mattison MBE from Timewise & Women Like Us, Emily Guille-Marett from ReadingFairy.com, Kerry Hales Life Coach and Liz Rouse OBE and Professor Emerita at University of the Arts London.

Introducing CAREERS WEEK


Body Image

I was delighted to have Jade Beall, founder of the Beautiful Body Project and fabulous photographer, answer questions for me.


Collaborations with Attachment Feminism

Chrissy D and I have collaborated on posts relating to attachment, birth and breastfeeding.

International Guest Bloggers

So far, Bianca Johanssen has given us a fascinating insight into what gender equality means for parents in Norway. See GUEST POST: The view from Norway. Season Holland has described her experience of pregnancy and birth in New Jersey, Across the 'ole fish pond: What's it like having a baby in the US of A? Charlotte Kenyi describes experiencing her husband's culture and their attitudes to motherhood in GUEST POST: Celebrating pregnancy and motherhood in the Gambia. Watch out for more from overseas coming soon. 

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